v1.0.0 Development Progress Report

Posted on 6/28/2023 to release

There are numerous tasks that still need to be addressed.

All these tasks are flagged for delivery in v1.0.0. In addition, as these tasks are addressed, there may be cause to add additional tasks to this list. Therefore, this list is still quite dynamic.

2023-06-27 status report

As committed as we are to releasing fusion.ssg v1.0.0, we are equally committed to ensuring that v1.0.0 is truly production ready. This includes not only fusion.ssg, but also the all new stand-alone project generator, fpg, as well as all the accompanying documentation.

Way back in the days there was an advertisement for a particular brand of wine in which the commentator stated, "we shall sell no wine before its time". We share that same passion and philosophy regarding our software.

Please bear with us. We believe the wait will be well worth it.


The Team