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Introduced in v1.0.0

By default, fusion.ssg projects generated by fusion.ssg's project generator, fpg, come with a default Browsersync implementation, /browsersync.js, which configures Browsersync to use the following options for serving both development and release builds:

server: "build",
files: "build/**",
watch: true

If you have assigned a value for {baseURL}, the startPath option will be assigned the value of {baseURL} and added to the above set of options.

Should you have the need to modify Browsersync's default options, you can do so by adding options to the "development" and "release" properties found in the /browsersync-options.json file. By default, both are empty:

    "development": {
    "release": {

A complete list of configuration options is available at Browsersync options.

If you have the need to make major changes to Browsersync's configuration, it might be better to consider creating your own Browsersync implementation to replace the default implementation.