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fusions.ssg Configuration

The following configuration options are available for you to override in your project's src/fusion.json file:


The name to use for the folder that hosts your site's posts.


If your site is served from a subfloder, such as is the case for sites hosted on github.io, prepend {baseURL} to your site's root relative URLs and they will be replaced with this value during release builds.

baseURL is a reserved symbol! Though {baseURL} looks like a simple token declaration, it should never be used as one. Never use baseURL to declare a local simple token or a global simple token.


These are files and folders located in the src/templates folder that are works in progress and that are to be ignored during release builds.

Introduced in v1.2.0

Beginning with v1.2.0, fusion.ssg will report all works in progress for each release build cycle. These warnings serve to prevent the unintended updating of websites with missing HTML documents that should have been included but haven't because they are still marked as works in progress.



Simple token property values declared here are global to the project and replace all matching simple tokens declared in all HTML documents. If both a local simple token and a global simple token have the same name the local simple token takes precedence.

Unresolved Simple Token Reporting

Introduced in v1.1.0

At the end of each build cycle, fusion.ssg will report any unresolved simple tokens that it finds in your project's generated HTML documents. Please see Simple Tokens for more information.

Conditional Includes

Introduced in v1.2.0

These are files located in the src/includes folder that are specifically targeted for either development or release builds, but not for both.

All paths must be relative to the src/includes folder.