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Required: Yes
Front Matter: Yes
Type: .html, .md
Project Location: src/templates

Please note that familiarity with YAML Front Matter is required. Please see this handy guide that provides a deep dive into YAML Front Matter.

Every HTML document that fusion.ssg generates requires a template and every template associates with a page using the front matter "page" property. If a template has its own content, its content will be merged into the page that it associates with, replacing that page's template token. When the front matter "page" property is omitted, fusion.ssg will associate the default page (i.e., src/pages/default.html) with the template. If the default.html page doesn't exist, fusion.ssg will display an error.

A template associated with the page found at src/pages/main.html.

page: main
# This is content

Works In Progress

fusion.ssg can ignore templates that are works in progress during release builds, thereby preventing their associated HTML documents from polluting your website. Please see wips for more information.

Works In Progress Reporting

Introduced in v1.2.0

Beginning with v1.2.0, fusion.ssg will report all works in progress during release builds. These warnings serve to prevent the unintended updating of websites with missing HTML documents that should have been included but aren't because they are still marked as WIPS.