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fpg Project Generator

Introduced in v1.0.0

Beginning with v1.0.0, fusion.ssg no longer includes a project generator in its package and now requires that it be installed separately as a global package. Please read Installation for instructions regarding its installation.

Beginning with v1.0.0, Browsersync, which provides synchronized browser testing, has replaced live-server.

fpg, fusion.ssg's project generator, relieves you of the burden of having to manually create and configure your projects. When run, it creates your project and installs all of the project's dependencies. The most difficult task you will face when creating a new fusion.ssg project is deciding what to name it :).

The generated project uses the Pico.css frameowork for styling. However, you can delete it from your project's src/css folder and use whatever you prefer to style your website.


To create a new project, run the following in your terminal in a folder of your choice:

fpg n | new <target_folder>

When you run the above, fusion.ssg will generate a new project in the current folder using the name that you provided for target_folder and you can explore its content in your editor while reading the documentation for Project Structure.

Building And Serving Your Project

fusion.ssg's CLI provides numerous scripts and commands that you can run when developing your site and when you are ready to release your site. Please read its documentation to familiarize yourself with the commands and options that support the development and release workflows.