Posted on 8/3/2023 to release/v1

We are very pleased to announce the release of fusion.ssg v1.1.0.

As we continue in our endeavor to provide you with the best tools available for creating resilient static HTML documents and websites, we do so with the great pleasure of knowing that fusions.ssg is being adopted by creators from all over the world ❤️.


The Team

Breaking Changes

New Features

During each build cycle, fusion.ssg now searches all generated HTML documents for unresolved simple tokens (e.g. {some-simple-token}) and reports them as a warning in the console. These warnings indicate that either the token name has been misspelled or that its value has not been declared in either the template or in your project's configuration file, fusion.json. For more information, please see simple tokens and fusion.json.

report of unresolved tokens

Bug Fixes

Though there hadn't been any reported issues regarding this, we felt the best practice would be to be preemptive and to check first. This would have been an issue if, for instance, you deleted the src/scripts folder because your site didn't employ any JavaScript in the browser.